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Title Approve the Departmental Security Control Profiles

Predecessors Develop Departmental Security Control Profiles


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Once the security control profile(s) are completed, the IT security coordinator should review them and
seek their approval from departmental authorities (e.g., program and service delivery managers, DSO,
deputy head, as required). As part of this process, the IT security coordinator should ensure that the
departmental security controls specified in the profiles satisfy departmental security needs and security
control objectives, and that they adequately address threats. The IT security coordinator should also
ensure that there will be a good balance between the implementation of security controls and the levels of
residual risks that the department is ready to assume.
As per the DDSM [Reference 7], departmental security officers (DSOs) must include the business needs
for security, the security control objectives, and the set of security controls that are necessary to meet
these objectives in their DSP for approval by their deputy head.
The outputs of this activity are approved departmental security control profiles.

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ITSG 33 Departmental Security Control Profiles


4.2 Departmental IT Security Needs & Security Controls



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